Chef's Choice

Everyday we ensure the best products in the market. We cooperate with small Cretan organic farmers. We use fresh products from the Cretan land and selected from the Greek production. Vegetables, fruits, flour, honey, eggs are mainly from organic. The dishes are served upon availability of their raw ingredients.

  • Handmade Pastry

    Handmade Pastry

    We prepare for you everyday bread, pasta, tortillas & dough sheet!
  • Organic Vegetables

    Organic Vegetables

    Everyday we find fresh vegetables from local gardens.
  • Organic Fruit

    Organic Fruit

    Fresh fruits from local cretan producers.
  • Cretan Olive Oil

    Cretan Olive Oil

    We use cretan olive oil at all stages of our cooking! Even in fried cooking!

Boheme handmade bread

Boheme handmade bread

Whole grain, stone milled


Beet-root salad
Price: 9,00 €

Beet-root salad

With yogurt, roasted almond and fresh coriander

Vegetarian dish

Bao steam buns
PRICE: 10,00 €

Bao steam buns

With slowly cooked lamb, coleslaw salad, with iced cucumber and soya caramel sauce

Street food

Tuna filet
PRICE: 17,00 €

Tuna filet

Fresh tuna filet with aubergine tartar, soya and passion fruit sauce

Vegeterian dish

Smoked pork neck
PRICE: 12,00 €

Smoked pork neck

With orange-sage sauce and smashed potatoes with olive oil and thyme

Main dish

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm
Sat-Sun 9pm - 4pm

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